Man, Blogging is Hard

It’s been a year since my last post. And that post was my one and only. Ever. On this personal site of mine. Lame, I know. I’m blogging at Infusion Blog now where I head up communications. But that’s no excuse for ignoring my inner voice for blogging here.

But man it’s hard. Life. Work.Family. Procrastinating. Sleep. Some more life and work. Etc. Etc. It all gets in the way. Prolific marketing blogger Jason Baer will tell you that’s just an excuse. And he’s right. What’s even more is that I work on a team where I counsel my peers and others in the org around the importance of personal brand and content. I’m leading the initiative at Infusionsoft for my fellow execs to be more engaged on our blog, to contribute meaningfully and much more often.And yet I’ve still resisted personal blogging.

My resolution today though is less about personal brand and more about the learning experience of blogging, the challenge of writing everyday and the learnings that it brings. I thank Joe Manna for hisĀ  weekly nudges. Chris Brogan talks about how he writes daily and what he’s learned on how that discipline improves his work and life. I found it inspiring.

Some of my resistance and excuses were that I’ve long thought there should be one theme for my blogging here, like marketing or women in technology or social media or who-news-what. I’ve wondered, what’s the tagline up top to the left under my name going to be? Most of the blogs I follow are pretty narrowly focused.

The other was around expectations. Does it mean I have to write everyday? How can I keep up quality and interest? Also lame. I’m a student of communications in the broader sense and writing is core to my craft.

So today I break the seal, to use an analogy from my college happy-hour laden days.

Bear with me as I meander and find my rhythm. I may get narrowly focused at some point. Or not. Time will tell. Some will be great. Some will be just ok. But I’ll stop making excuses and start prioritizing it as part of my work week. And most of all I’ll try and be honest and informative as best I know how. You have my word. Either way, I’m excited.

Because I know that practice makes prolific–one post at a time.


  1. says

    It’s all easier when you have something you HAVE to say. Being a professional means you expect more out of your blog than you would others (non-professional). Most blogs lose it when they meander and don’t continue their journey, in my opinion. The good ones have something to say, say it in an interesting and entertaining way and follow it up with a continuation of the story next time (no matter how slight) so that we can follow the story of that blogger’s journey. It’s easier (for most) to pick a subject rather than a story. Book blogs, gardening blogs, drinking blogs, dating blogs, etc. are dime-a-dozen out there. And most are uninteresting because they never advance their story. Their author’s story. That voice we all can’t wait to hear from next.

    I’m looking forward to what you come up with next.

  2. says

    I’ve blogged on different topics over the years and have found it to be rewarding experience. There’s lots of learning to be had.

    I’m at the brink of launching an InfusionSoft / WordPress marketing blog to go along with my lesson series. It’s a super way to promote my training abilities and even then I’m still hesitant to say, “Yes, I’m going to do it.”

    I wish you luck with your blogging. I’ll fill you in on how mine goes.

  3. says

    I hear ya! I love blogging…when I am not pressuring myself to blog. When it comes naturally, because there is something to share and I actually can sit and think and write…but that doesn’t happen as often as I would prefer…but then again, the other things I am spending my time on are things I love too. :) I love your post – honest and completely relatable.

  4. David Bonney says

    Love it Kathy! Dont have anything to say but that.
    Hope everything is amazing in your life. Miss your awesomeness. :^)

  5. says

    Lynda–I am turning over a new leaf. I will practice the art of writing. The only way to practice is to do it everyday. Thanks for your support.


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