18 May Manifesto For Keeping It Real

This week is two years since I left Infusionsoft.

It’s also two years since my mother’s sudden diagnosis of terminal cancer.

The two events were not connected. Yet the timing of them on the same day, poetically eery.

I was preparing for a rebirth, and I planned ahead. She was literally dying, and we had no idea.

She lived another 5 months.

I’ve died in ways, and then awoken in other ways I never knew I could. Surviving both–one change in my control, and the other not at all–was the toll road to acquiring more courage. That’s the gift. The hard stuff that tests you has more gifts to offer than we ever imagine. You just have to look for them.

In those gifts are the seeds that inspire you to take meaningful, brave action in business and in life.

I now feel like I can do anything.

And yet I’ve been waiting. Not feeling ready. Distracting myself with interesting endeavors. Coaching. Investing. Advising. Busy with planning and strategizing the next business I’ll start. But none of them put me on the line and more importantly, feel as scary as writing daily and publicly, in an honest way. All I have to do is press publish. And yet I haven’t. Until today.

Here’s what I’ve learned it takes to emerge from change with even greater joy and clearer purpose.

I believe…

  1. You are braver than you think you are.
  2. Making money and delivering positive impact are not mutually exclusive.
  3. Fear exists to remind us we are alive. Embrace it, because what scares you the most is the very thing you should be doing.
  4. When you break out of the past, you can write a new story for yourself.
  5. Getting distracted by surface-level wants is the quickest path to a life unfulfilled.
  6. Honesty takes courage. Truth is the answer, every time.
  7. Be curious. Ask better questions.
  8. You were given a voice for a reason. Use it.
  9. Every day should be lived with courage and care, as though it were your last.
  10. When in doubt, gratitude is always the answer.


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