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Feeling tired of high achieving? Don’t stop, just do it better.

Clate Mask, Founder & CEO, Infusionsoft

“Kathy’s the real deal, and someone I trust who’s helped grow Infusionsoft from the early days. She’s a successful entrepreneur, a driven former exec who understands what it takes to grow a company and a she’s a leader with high emotional intelligence.”

Meghan Martinez, Founder & CEO, Keasy Lock  

“Kathy is the total package. Her enthusiasm is infectious, her knowledge is vast, her advice is sound and her dedication to helping founders is inspiring. I am happy to know Kathy and count myself lucky that we are on the same team.”

Julie Craft, VP, Rixty

“As someone that makes things happen, Kathy is a born leader and dynamic entrepreneur who operates with care, grace and compassion. She’s a strategic thinker who understands your inner power so you can tap into it and accelerate the inner greatness that lies within us all.”

Jody Vallee Smith, Author

“Kathy’s been an invaluable partner in many ways. I trust her to guide me in evaluating aspects of my career and my life. She gets it. She understands what it means to design your life with purpose and intention.”

Cindy Kim, Director of Marketing, JDA Software

“Kathy makes you question the toughest parts of your career and helps you come to the right decisions that will take you forward in everything that you. She’s an invaluable mentor and advisor, and she’s helped me push the boundaries of who I am in becoming an even higher performing contributor in the organization.”

DJ Waldow, Founder, COACH DJ and Living your Passion Podcast

“Kathy has that rare ability to instantaneously connect with other people. She quickly understands what makes you tick and helps you very clearly conceptualize your place in the world.”