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    Forging A New Path

    I’ve just made a big change in my life. I’ve left an amazing company called Infusionsoft, that’s on a worthwhile mission, where I worked with a talented leadership team that I had the pleasure ...

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    Life Whispers At You. Then It Screams

    It was the Wednesday after Mother’s Day. Driving into the office that morning on the freeway, my skin tingled with nervous excitement. I had no idea that morning just how much this day would be forever e...

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    Paying Attention to What Matters

    When the universe whispers and you don’t notice, it speaks to you in a million subtle ways, until you get the message. It gets louder, with signals that grow more and more obvious that things are off. Ob...

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About Kathy

Kathy has founded multiple businesses and sold one of them. As someone who loves the climb of entrepreneurship, she invests in and advises early-stage tech startups. Kathy regularly speaks and consults with startups and companies on strategy, focused on the intersection of brand, product and user growth. A former software exec and marketing strategist for a multitude of brands, she’s been part of early teams, including Infusionsoft. Kathy Sacks is a leadership strategist and coach who helps people find their inner power to do big things in business and life. She draws on her wide variety of executive and entrepreneurial experiences to help high-performing people design an intentional life and lead changes in their careers that improve performance and create greater joy.



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